Monday, April 28, 2008

Yet another taggeh by Flo. Tired yet? I'm not. :P

1. If you could change your name to anything else, what would it be?
Erm... Rain. La la la~ Hehe.

2. Which do you prefer, white guys/girls or Asian guys/girls?
Asian! Cause my boyfriend is Asian. :P

3. Cat or donkey? (p/s: this is a TRICK question)
Huh? What's so tricky about it? Cat!! xD

4. Do you like mathematics?
Yup! And it’s only because I’m relatively good at it. :P

5. You are in a lift filled with people; all of a sudden, you farted. Now everyone is wondering where that smell is coming from. What would you do?
I'll stare at Ben...

6. Why do you think peas taste yucky?
Is this a Bio question? I wouldn't know. I dropped Bio. ^^

7. Would you wear clothes from the opposite sex?
Why not? Clothes are clothes.

8. What can't you live without? And please don’t say air.
Air. You can't tell me what to do. :P

9. Are you in love?
Yup. Are you? :)

10. Which part of your body will you sell?
Why would I sell part of my body? It's mine!!

11. What does your hair smell like?
Err... It smells like hair...

12. Why do you do tags?

...I'm sexier than Huey Sing.

13. Do you like cartoons?
Yup! Who doesn't?

14. Who do you think is the ugliest person in your school/college/workplace?
Well, I'm not in school, college or work yet. So haha! Take that! Your question doesn't work! Ahahaha!! Haha!! Ha! Ha...

15. Who do you want to hug right now?
My baby!! -pouts..-

16. Which star/starlet would you sleep with?
I wouldn't sleep with anyone else but my baby... :)

17. Why do you think I asked question number 11?
I'll answer this question once I figure out why you've asked questions 1-10 first.

18. If someone offers you 1 million ringgit to eat shit, would you do it?
Hahahahahaha no.

19. What is the best and worst feeling in the world?
Being loved by someone who you love... Getting your heart broken by someone who you love...

20. What is a ‘siham’ to you?
It’s food? Now you've made me hungry...

I taggeh...

1. Sam, once again.
2. Becky, once again.
3. Pea, once again.
4. K'weng, once again.

Now you guys can go on a Taggathon too! ^^

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